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Dear Uncle,

Now i am feeling better after i penned down my tensions/fears/feelings to you in my last mail. Above all, because of your telepathic understanding of my worries and being there with me and sharing them. 

I feel much more secure after i met you. When i am tensed/worried, i really missed my father's support/guidence and nowadays, i feel the sense of security that you are there for us blessing/showering your affection on us.
Madhuri Mudgal

Dear Guruji and Pantulgaru,
Thank you for your concern and your continuing efforts for Rajani and 
shridevi. I know God always looks after their devotees thru pious brahmins and I got 
one. Serving humanity is serving God. You are a gift from God for me and for 
my family. I do not know how to thank you. 
Venkat (California)

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Dear Uncle,
It is very nice & kind of you to call me today to enquire about my health. I really felt so happy and moved by this gesture. 
Believe me uncle, your affection/care is helping me to get back my lost trust with mankind. I was scared to trust/believe (even now it is true to some extent) anybody except for my family members because of bitter experiences i have had in life.
I am so very grateful to my father and God that i met you because of their grace , I get lots of strength/hope/inspiration just by remembering you. 
Thanx a zillion for showering your Blessings on me.
With Affection
Note: I really feel the load off my chest after writing to you.

Respected Trivediji,
I experience an unexplianable immense joy whenever i remember you and during my day, i keep on remembering you and wonder even in today's world, some great unselfish people guide/inspire distressed/dejected souls.
Celina Joseph

Dear Panthulu Garu,
Thank you for all the help and the time you spent for my family. Thank 
again Guruji. It is not what you think about yourself, it what others 
think about you.
I am so happy that God has connected me to you and I know my biggest 
will go away soon. I am also praying every morning for Shani to do some 
good for my daughter.

Sri Trivediji,
you are like Lord Krishna, you have come to save this family.As you always say it's our poorva puniya that we have you as our guide.
My pranams to you.
Vishakha (Singapore)

Dear Uncle
First salutations to your lotus feet.
I saw your mail and this morning my father brought the tape of Shanti Homas and poojas.I am truly very grateful and thankful for all the trouble you have taken.Father too told me that he is very very touched by your love and dedication.He does not know how to express his gratitude for your kindness.
Subhadra Srinivasan (California)

Hello Uncle,
How are you doing. I was also thinking of writing to you. It is completely amazing that you were getting vibrations from our side. Actually last week was quite tense and we were feeling very anxious.

Hello Uncle,
The noble son Hemant Trivedi is doing this to save the family of Srinivas,and his innocent children.
Uncle, I kneel down to you, Thanks.
Take care 
With Love

Respected Trivediji,

Its really nice to see your mail. Since the time we met you and came back, me & my brother wanted to write a mail to you just to let you know how nice we felt meeting/talking to you. But as i couldn't check my mails for the past 3-4 days, couldn't make it.

Yes sir, i am starting Guru Japa and Fasting from comming thursday. And brother also is trying to arrange for Guru Shanti, Dasha Nath Shanti and Janma Nakshatra Shanti. 

For the past 3-4 days i kept remembering you very often and me, and my brother and my mom kept talking about you. I dont know whether i should write this or not, but somehow your affection reminded me of my father's affection towards me and stragely enough this kind of feeling i got for the first time after he passed away 11 years back.

We will keep in touch with you and keep disturbing you with our calls. 

Respected Uncle,
It is completely amazing that when I came to consult you, You had written down the exact time I will come and also the three questions I was going to ask you.
How did you predict that I had a love marriage and we were not yet blessed with any children?
It was equally amazing that you could predict problems my husband faced at work and that my marriage almost did not work out?
I am doing the Mantra Japa you have prescribed . I will mail you if I have any doubts.
God bless you and your family.
Sadhana Desai ( Bombay)

Respected Hemant ji,
You had warned me that my father in law would suffer a stroke/would be hospitalised if he did not heed your advice.
Just the day before he is admitted in hospital as you said.
I am doing the japa of Shiva as you told and my mother in law is doing Mrityunjaya Japa.
I am sure that he will recover.
Priti Baveja 

Dear Mr.Trivedi
When my wife had consulted you and you had told her certain things about me accurately, I was prompted to meet you.
Even though it was past your sleeping time, you were kind enough to meet me.
When I gave you the birth details of my brotherinlaw, you cast his horoscope and immediately told that he would be a burden to me and his family. All the things you told about him are so true !
I have seen many astrologers but I have not been so impressed as you have impressed me.
Shiva shankar M.

Respected Uncleji,
I am so happy to inform you that after doing Shani shanti Homa and Pooja for my brother has agreed to get married as you had told.
He is coming to India in November. I will bring him to meet you and take your blessings.
Mummy underwent an operation last week as you had predicted about her health.
Now we are not afraid as you are there to guide us.
Beena Kalra

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