In spite of having the best looking house, very good location of the shop and very fine interior decor, If you are unhappy in the house where you live in or the shop or the office does not give you proper returns or regular income, if the sales are down,
You have a problem of Vaastu. !!
If there are unexplained problems, deaths, losses and diseases after you move to a new place, You have a problem of Vaastu. !! 

It is prudent to get the approval of a Vaastu expert before buying or constructing a house. 

To consult me on this aspect, kindly send me complete line chart of the Home, Factory or the shop explaining every major activity done in different places in the site pin pointing the place within the chart. 

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Example, If you are giving the line map of the house, please pin point all the directions first, then show living room, bed room, kitchen, rest rooms (bathrooms), well, electrical transformer (if within your land ), store room, pooja room etc. 
Same goes for the factory premises Please show all the different sections with activity connected with each section. Also show your office room showing the place you occupy with direction you face to transect business. Please also show where you keep cash etc. 

As in all the other services, the Sambhavana / fees is Yatha Shakti (Any appropriate amount). 

All you need to do is enclose the details of the payment done along with the letter you send enclosing the necessary maps/diagrams.