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I came to know Mr. Hemant Trivedi from the time he shifted to Bangalore in 1996.  His phenomenal forecasting ability is a culmination of deep theoretical knowledge, powers of concentration and logical understanding of astrological principles.  He has been uncannily accurate in prediction of events in the personal life of my family.  He can even predict events without personally seeing the person.  I recall one incident when a cousin of mine rang him up for the first time and Mr. Trivedi was correctly able to predict that my cousin’s eldest son will get married in a few months’ time. I believe that he possesses clairvoyance and sixth sense that very few can boast of.  He has, perhaps, inherited this from his grandfather Pandit Rewa Shankar Trivedi, who was an astrological legend in his lifetime.  I had the good fortune of meeting his grandfather as well.

The abilities of Mr. Hemant Trivedi extend far beyond forecasting for events of life of an individual.  He had predicted assassination of a prominent female political personality two months before the assassination of Phulan Devi.  In a rare vision 3 –4 months prior to September 11 events in U.S., he had predicted great tragedy and suffering for the most powerful nation in the world. 

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He had anticipated an attack on the “Crown” which indeed culminated in the form of an attack on the World Trace Center and Pentagon by terrorists.  He had spoken about elimination of the threat from Anaconda.  It is amazing that the operation launched by USA to break Al-Qaida movement was named as Operation Anaconda.  He had also predicted the chain of events that have led to the attack on the Indian Parliament and subsequent happenings. He had prescribed mantras to our friends and acquaintances to mitigate certain circumstances.  I know of my personal knowledge that chanting of mantras, as advised by Mr. Trivedi, has brought good results to them.

I feel that the launching of an astrological site by Mr. Hemant Trivedi will benefit all.  We will be able to take advantage of the rare combination of his astrological- insight and clairvoyance.


Rear Admiral (Retd.) J J Baxi
Ex. Chairman & Managing Director, BEL

Currently Managing Director, Aerospace Systems Private Limited

Astrological clairvoyance of  Sri Hemant Trivedi

I am a professor of Architecture with 42 years of Academic and Professional experience. I am also a student of Vedic Information system with focus on Mimamsa, viewing other information stratums from Upanishadic base. I have had close encounters with profound "sadhakas" and PUNDITS from Vedic various Vedic disciplines.

I find Sri Hemant Trivedi one of those SADHAKA in final stages of finer achievements. His field of Interest is Astrology. He has inherited astological tradition from his grand father  Pundit Rewashankar Shashtri, a profound exponent of Vedic Astrology. 

While I had heard of Shastriji , when I was a child, I was introduced to Sri Hemant  Trivedi by my cousin at Bangalore. We had visited Mr. Trivedi's house on normal social visit. I was told that astrology is one of his interests. I found in his family and him, a deep sense of love and warmth and on next morning, I casually called him over the phone to convey to him , how much nice I felt to be with them.

He , without any other conversation, suddenly said, "I see you shifting your job by such and such date. The place is towards the west of your present place and it has a Royal past."

With me, it was a period , I had resigned with a notice period of 4 months.The principal of my college wished that I did not leave. All thro' that period , there was a tremendous pressure from my friends, colleagues and my students that I continue to be with them. And hence , I had decided to withdraw my resignation for a change. However,Sri Trivedi was too sure of his vision. He had not even seen my horoscope. He has developed insight through which, he can predict with face reading or even predict by hearing voice over telephone.

I am writing this at a time , when my baggage is being packed for shifting within next 48 hours to a place which is bearing all specifications Sri Trivedi had predicted.

Interestingly, during this period, I have three offers of jobs. All the three have the same specifications of Sri Trivedi's forecast. i.e., on west  side of work and each has a Royal back ground.

Prof. H.D. Chhaya


Since posting this  letter, Prof. Chhaya has moved to a Royal place. One of his sons is Celebrated Television Actor Harsh Chhaya.

I first met Mr. Trivedi in late 1999 when I had been to his place to collect a few books . At that point in time I had no idea of his astrological prowess. We got talking and all of a sudden, he warned me of hard times in a year and asked me to chant some mantras. I never really had faith in astrology then and so I chose to ignore his advice. In December 2000, I was horrified to note that events occurred exactly as he had said they would. In sheer desperation I rushed back to him with my horoscope. I was fascinated with his accuracy with respect to the past as well as the future (two years down the line, I can vouch for that). He urged me to recite the Rahu mantra. This time around, I decided to pay heed to his words and the results were astounding. The mantra gave me tremendous peace of mind and helped me fight through tough times. I continue to recite the mantra to this day and now I have completed my post graduation and have also landed myself a very good job.

I spent a lot of time with Mr. Trivedi seeking his advice on various issues. What I admire about the man is that he does not treat the science of astrology as mumbo jumbo. At every stage he would explain his deductions and the significance behind the mantras etc. Earlier I had absolutely no faith in astrology. Today, after having experienced its wonders first hand, I respect astrology as a genuine science and Mr.Trivedi, as a man who truly understands it. Thank you sir for all the help and support you've given me.

Vinod Madabushi


" I happened to get a chance to spend some time with Mr. Hemant Trivedi (in Bangalore) in early 2000 and I was not aware of his natural instinct in Astrology and Numerology. I was utterly surprised upon his remarkable and accurate predictions regarding my marriage and career advancement and betterment. He also helped my brother in streamlining his career with his timely advise and sound predictions. So we are indebted to him and always look forward for his valuable notions. We wish him all the success in every endeavour of life."

Sanjiv Mittu

Fremont CA.

From: Ram Kalyan (@ on: Mon May 5 20:40:25 EDT 2003

Shri Hemantji
I want to use this forum, to really thank you for the predictions/advice you mailed me.

Your kind words and accurate predictions are very helpful. Thanks
Ram Kalyan

From: MADAVIAH, M/s. Natwarlal & Co., Madras

I do hereby certify with my personal knowledge about Mr. Hemanthkumar J. Trivedi, that he is a perfect Astrologer and he analyses any horoscope to the nearest accurate point and he is good at curing with the aid of Gems, which is his speciality.

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