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It is a fashion among scientists to scoff at and ridicule Astrology being a pseudo science or humbug. The other day, I was watching discussion among a scientist and some astrologers on TV in " BIG FIGHT" programme on STAR NEWS. This was to discuss if ASTROLOGY WAS A SCIENCE and should it be taught at the university.
I was appalled at the very purpose of the discussion and manner in which the scientist was trying to put forth his view and inadequate replies by the astrologers.
The basic rule was forgotten .
The rule is , "If you want to destroy or denounce a system, You should know the system".
These are the words of Mao dze Dong.
Neither the Astrologers were scientific in their replied nor the Scientist knew astrology. The scientist in question was so much intellectually Myopic in his views that he sounded rabid .

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I would like to define Myopia as under
"Myopia" - a disinclination to acknowledge the existence of something. 
 I want to quote Nagel as under. "Scientific thought takes its ultimate point of departure from problems suggested by observing things and events encountered in common experience; it aims to understand these observable things by discovering some systematic order in them; and its final test for the laws that serve as instruments of explanation and prediction is their concordance with such observations." (Nagle, p.79)


Chromosomes are cell parts containing Genes and are Packages that contain complete blueprint for life to grow and procreate. The Chromosomes are made up of DNA and protein.

Scientist had been after unrevealing the secret of unlocking the Structure of DNA , a chemical substance which was thought be carrying information of heredity in GENES.

It was in 1953 , the quest ended in Cavandish Laboratory in Cambridge. Francis crick and James watson discovered the Double Helix structure of the DNA.

This life code is contained in a molecule which reminds of a spiral step-ladder.

In most living things, the genome is made of a chemical called DNA. The genome contains genes, which are packaged in chromosomes and affect specific characteristics of the organism. A genome is all of a living thing's genetic material. It is the entire set of hereditary instructions for building, running, and maintaining an organism, and passing life on to the next generation.

Genes are made of DNA, DNA is the molecule that is the hereditary material in all living cells.

and so is the genome itself. A gene consists of enough DNA to code for one protein, and a genome is simply the sum total of an organism's DNA.

DNA is long and thin, thread like structure, capable of contorting like a circular coil when it winds into chromosomes. It is thin as a micro-micro mini tape  and smart as one too; it contains all the information necessary to build a living organism. In a very real sense, DNA is information. I call this a BIO-MICROCHIP containing programme of Life for the species.

What is DNA made of?

DNA is a very large molecule, made up of smaller units called nucleotides that are strung together in a row, making a DNA molecule thousands of times longer than it is wide.

Each nucleotide has three parts: a sugar molecule, a phosphate molecule, and a structure called a nitrogenous base. The nitrogenous base is the part of the nucleotide that carries genetic information, so the words "nucleotide" and "base" are often used interchangeably. The bases found in DNA come in four varieties: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine-often abbreviated as A, C, G, and T, the letters of the genetic alphabet.

Human chromosomes are pairs of dark coloured, cylindrical bodies (i.e., 23 pairs) and are found in genetically normal human beings.  Each chromosome contain genes that are the smallest carriers of inheritable information.  Each gene differs from another in that it in a specific position on a chromosome. Chromosomes and genes contain DNA (deokciribonucleien acid) which forms the chemical basis for inheritance because it contains the information  (blue-print) according to which a cell should perform a specific chemical function.

Genes are heritable units, arranged linearly along chromosomes. A gene is a small piece of the genome. It's the genetic equivalent of the atom: As an atom is the fundamental unit of matter, a gene is the fundamental unit of heredity.

Heredity is an old idea. Since ancient times, people have known that offspring tend to resemble their parents. Physical appearance, temperament, and many other traits are passed down from generation to generation.

In short, GENES can be called as SEEDS of instruction containing coded instructions for growth.

When human sperm and egg enter the fertilization process, each partner's Chromosome halves and participates in the process with 23 chromosomes .The chromosomes split right at the center of the ladder like structure. The halves unite and enter a new creation which we call a "Child"

This is the never ending story of creation.

What is an ASTROSOME ?

Being an astrologer and a science student, I was not satisfied with the authentication of Astrology with result of astrological events and predictions coming true, such results cannot validate Astrology being a science. There are mind boggling number of predictions coming exactly true which are based on Astrological rules but astrologers are at a loss when asked to explain a scientific basis of the whole process.

Many an astrologers from East and west have tried to put forth data with case studies, comparative studies of celestial events and relative happenings on earth. But I am sad to state that all the astrologers credit Planets as heavenly bodies affect humans in peculiar manner. There is no scientific evidence to prove that Saturn has different effect, Jupiter has different effect, Moon has different effect on an individual.

If you take the study of solids/liquids/gases found on each planet, you will find nothing new from planet to planet. May be different planets may have some elements in more or less quantity. Otherwise, all elements are common.

If such is the case, what is it that makes their presence in different houses in a Horoscope give different effect?

I was , for a long time puzzled with the same doubt.

When I was doing my biology along with my major chemistry, I came across detailed study of Chromosomes.

I was immediately attracted to the very idea of Genes carrying information and blue print and programme for future development of a human or living body.

There lay my answer in Chromosome.

I immediately likened a horoscope to a chromosome and planets to Genes. Many of my friends and customers are a proof to the fact that one of my opening lines is that,

"When you give me your horoscope or give me a number within one hundred and eight, you are giving me your Chromosomal picture"

This is because, a horoscope can tell me a lot about the person , about his physical /social/psychological traits. It tells  me if he is the first born or the last born or he has eye defect or is childless or has sons or daughters or his parents are dead or he is passionate or cold .It also tells me how his condition was, how it is and how it may be. His horoscope tells me if his grandfather or father had more than one wife or his father married many women, or his mother had many sisters etc so on and so forth.

A horoscope can tell such a lot about a person, which a Genetic scientist cannot tell about a person seeing his Genome sequencing or genetic structure.

But just assuming that a Horoscope is a picture of your chromosomes and calling it so is not enough. I have to prove or attempt to prove as to what factors or reasons there are with my theory , that I consider so.

In order to do that, I have to go back to the beginning.

Whenever I am confronted with a problem, I remember what my Japanese engineer teacher Ono San used to tell.

"Trivedi san, when you have a problem, think logically and go back to the basic"

I have found this advice very very useful in my life.

So, to go back to the beginning of Life , I will go back to the creation of universe or Brahmanda (Egg shaped universe). Theories of creation as per Big bang, Vedic and Electrical universe will be touched upon .

I will bring to you logical reasons to prove my "Astrosome is a picture of your chromosomes " theory and establish that Astrology is  Biology, chemistry and Physics working in your life.

I will prove that each planet is an Astral Gene affecting or rather programming certain activities in your life. I will also prove that each planet has a certain job cut out. Each planet rules over certain elements as per Periodic table. I will also prove that your chromosomes and your Astrosomes (Planetary placements in your Birth chart) are similar. It is also going to be proved that it is possible to prove paternity throe' the help of your Astrosomes present in your birth chart which is your compacted coiled Chromosome (astral) with each portion of it having specific job to perform.

I quote Love craft here,

"The most merciful thing in the world ... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents... The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but someday the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality... That we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." - H. P. Lovecraft

"In broadly interdisciplinary inquiry as this, communication itself can pose quite a challenge . Typically, the greatest difficulties in communication will occur when one is questioning something already "known"  to be true. On matters of underlying principles, the confidence behind established ideas can be so high that discussion may seem quite senseless. This difficulty is aggravated by fragmentation of process by which, the information is gathered and evaluated. The specialization of intellectual inquiry carries with it certain risks when assumptions within one discipline rests upon prior assumptions in other disciplines. No one can be an expert on everything, and when considering possibilities outside one's personal expertise, it is only  natural to defer to what specialists in other studies claim to know. But what are the consequences of this when theoretical suppositions, though perceived as FACT cannot account for compelling new fields of data ?"

Whenever a revolutionary theory has been put forward, there has been a tremendous opposition or skepticism showered on such researchers from scientific community who do not like to be proved wrong in their own theories.

This is what  Wal Thornhill and David Talbot have to say when they put forth their ELECTRIC UNIVERSE theory, in the above paragraph.

to be continued ........