RAHU..What Are you ?? Krishna? Kaala ? VISHWA SWAROOPA ?



Today I feel Humblest after knowing True Rahu.
I have not many words to utter.. I will leave you to read ,feel and know True Rahu.

When I started writing on Rahu, never had I imagined that I am embarking on a journey which will take me from Nothingness to infinity. In the process of unrevealing the mystry shrouded around much maligned Rahu, Never had I thought that I would be stumbling on some remarkable ancient mind's powerful efforts which had kept the secrets of creation coded and locked in Puranic tales and mantras.
My journey took me from ancient Egypt to Vedic India.From Flute to Pyramids. From Origin of Universe as depicted in Upanishads to Tantras.From pure logic to Mathematics. Pi, Numerology Chemistry and what not.It touched on so many things and it gave me key to know so many secrets
that I am still in a daze.

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A period of 1st February to 4th of Feruary was like Churning of Kshira sagara by Devas and Daityas.

3rd of February early morning is when the truth was revealed to me. I was like a Zombie the whole day and also stunned. 4th was the day when the truth sank in and I slowly started putting bits and pieces together and assimilated the important information I was imparted. It was stunningly simple and yet most difficult to unlock.

May be that is the reason why the thing that I am going to share with you was under wraps. I think myself extremely fortunate that God has chosen me to put it across to the world.

It all started with my posting on Pi, on 2nd February. Generally I do not put anything in writing unless I am sure.

But my postings on Rahu are something that some unknown force was guiding me through the maze of
shrouded secrets. It made me write that I was Pi in mathematics.The only thing I knew about Pi was it was 22/7. 

May be I was attracted to Pi due to number 4 and 7. I am not a maths lover by any far chance and yet I was unlocking Pi. I know only rudimentary maths. But what I am going to put across to the world, may be something so different that it may change the way in which we are looking at numbers and if those mathematicians decide to give it a try, a new branch of mathematics may come into being.

While thinking of Pi, I put down 22 and 7. 
I just got a flash that 22 is made up of two complete
numbers(Energy) ie, 9,9 and remainder was 4.
So I put 994=22.
Next I proceeded to divided 994 by 7.
So it went like this.
994/7=142........142 !!!!????
Here was the magic number 142.
What is so special about 142?
Mark 4 inbetween 1 and 2.
Mark total of 1+4+2=7

Since the world was created from Shabda Brahman, AUM,
142 must indicate that this is Shabda Brahman or AUM.

"A" kaar vowel originates from Nabhi and is BRAHMA
represented by number 1.
"U" kaar originates in Heart and is represents the
Vishnu number is 2
"M" kaar originates in Head represents Shiva is
represented by number 4

A=creation =1
U=sustanence =2
M=destruction=4 (M is 3+1. 3 for Shava+1for Nada Bindu
of Shakti.Only then , Shava becomes Shiva.Bindu in
form of Shakti is Third eye of Shiva)

A= Ichha shakti
U =Kriya shakti
M= Gnana shakti

1= sun=satva 


2=purush and prakriti(Ardha Nariswaroopa)
4= KAALA meaning Time
4= Four yugas
7=1/4 of 28 Nakshatra (4 sides of Pyramid with 7
nakshatras each)
7=1 yuga

Coming to number 22, since neither Pum tatwa nor any
tatwa can be effective if there is no energy behin
it,so I added 9, the number of Energy or Shakti.(Nav
1+9=10=Aim kaar
2+9=11=Hrim kaar
2+9 and 2+9= 11+11= 22 is Klim kaar (Kaal Rupinye)
Hence number 22 is KAAL RUPA (Time).

If we want to measure the inherent power of 22 , the
It must be divided by sum total of Tatwa numbers which
is 1+2+4=7
Thus 22/7 is Pi.
22/7=3.1415926535897932.......billions upon billions.

Meaning Energy can depleate in Universe but cannot be destroyed. Time is end less. It is perpetual. If time is plotted in a square form and say a hypothetical top point as in Pyramid top is the vantage point to view time below. you will realise, that from that point, you are a witness to past , present and future below. 

Using Pi, if you try and divide KAAL by sumtotal of 7 of one yuga beyond a point,universe is timeless and endless, unmeasurable unfathomable as denoted by endless answer you get from 22/7.

Coming to Shabda Brahma, Aum is further sub divided into seven sounds in audible range.
This is the reason why,Lord Krishan has flute which denotes these seven notes.

The symbolic depiction in the shastrik literature about...the seven horses of lord Sun gaining energy from the vibrations in mahadakaï (the cosmic dimensions)....implies the generation of seven natural notes of music by the ‘explosion’ (from quintessential to perceivable state of existence) of the anahat nada. This cosmic expression of Shabda Brahm-Nada Brahm is described as the origin of the evolutionary impulse that resulted in the gross (perceivable) and subliminal existence of the ever-evolving Nature and the ever-expanding Universe. This evolutionary
afflatus is also described in the rhetoric presentation of the scriptures as the cosmic force
generated by the co-mingling of the Prakriti and Purusha. 

The sublime vibration of the eternal sound of the self-existent absolute syllable (AUM) in-dwells everywhere in the cosmic expansion. The self-generation of its rhythmic impulse (Omkar) the ‘big bang’, had generated the infinite spectrum of the sublime and the gross reflections of Shabda and consequently effectuated the existence and manifestation of the electromagnetic waves and the basic physical energies of sound, heat and light. (From Net)

Brahma Vidya says,
a....is Rigveda,Grahapatya fire earth, Braham devata
u....is Yajurveda.Dakshina fire, Mid region, , Vishnu
m..... is Samaveda, Ahavaniya region, Swrga, Shiva

Sama Veda represents the totality of the sensory systems and perceptual apparatus, including receptors, channels, pathways, and the structures involved in organizing, maintaining balance, and identifying and decoding inputs and information (maharshi site)

Coming next to SEVEN notes of Nada which ancient scriptures mention are now explained by me here.This is absolute gift of RAHU or Maha kaal .

Sa..Re..Ga..MA..Pa..Dha..Ni are the seven notes.
Mark MA.. the Madhyama Note.
It is exactly in between all the notes.
Madhyama means in Middle.
Ma.. is the note of Rahu... who is number 4.
It means Ma is in middle of all creation.
Having made a statement, I must prove scientifically
that 4 is the middle medium in everything.

If you take numbers, 1 to 8 are numbers owned by all
planets but in Alphabet value of Numerology, number 9
is complete numberAnd is a number of Energy.Since
energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is
Complete..It is an absolute number.
Hence 4 is in middle of numbers 1 to 8.

Having said that, let us come to chemistry to prove
that 4 is the number which felicitates life.