RAHU : A tribute Part  I and II 




I bow to Almighty Ganapathy the God of Obstacles and Krisna (Black) the vishwa swaroopa. I am writing my work on RAHU. I chose both of you to pray because both of you are but Rahu (Rahu and Ketu are but one).

Krishna, the Black cosmos, beyond time and space. You are all attractive, you are magnetic, you pull everyone unto you and to you. You are the Tamas of the Brahmanda (Cosmos). Seed of the creation , cause of the destruction lies within you. Time and space are mere manifestations of your power.

You are the TIME, you are the Kaala, you are the birth of everything and you are the death.  You are at the MIDDLE of everything. Brahmandas, planets Moons Nakshatras etc are stringed with you at the middle of everything like the Thread of a Mala with beads.

You are ETERNAL , you are NECTAR (Amrita) , you are HALAHAL ( Poison), You are the PUM TATWA(Male) and You are the STREE TATWA (Female).

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Nothing can divide you .

People say that you are the enemy of Sun and Moon. But in true sense, you are just playing with them. No one can separate you and Moon. You and Sun. You were born in Rohini Nakshatra and Sun finds himself mighty in your birth nakshatra. And Rohini is but the Nakshatra owned by Moon.
So how can anyone say that they are your Enemies? Sun gets exalted in Mesha where you have your first nakshatra Ashwini.

You lord over Tamasa the Eternal Darkness. You are witness to everything. You Know everything, You feel everything. All senses are ruled by you. All perceptions, all perceptive powers and organs of perceptions are ruled by you. Only you , due to your perceptive powers, can appreciate, smell, can describe beauty, can describe the taste, can experience texture, can hear sound and can speak. If you are not kind, you will not allow anyone to breath. You are at the base of ALL ATTRACTION. If your help is not there as a lord of CHEMISTRY and CHEMICAL REACTIONS, man and a woman would not be pulled to each other by unknown force. You are the potential power in everything.

You cause things to happen. You are the cause of all causes.

You are the BLACK HOLE of the cosmos. The Mouth of Krishna. You engulf everything whole like a snake devours its prey without chewing. 
You are the YONI from where the Life comes out. That is why God is known as BHAGA-WAN , where BHAGA is the yoni. You are the same Linga which seeds the Eg. 
You are both SHIVA and SHAKTI. 
You are the KALA and MAHAKAAL. 
You are the strength of Vishnu in the form of SHESHANAGA, 
You are the serpent power KUNDALINI the Supreme shakti.
You are the VISHA or the Poison in Shiva's throat,
You are LAKSMANA besides RAMA. You are the BALARAMA along with Krishna. 
You adorn Shiva's head , and arms as Naga. Without the Snake, the churning of Meru would
not have taken place.
There is no place in this universe where you are not there.

On the physical plane, you are all the CHIDRAS or Holes of the body. All that comes in and goes out of them is your work. That is why O GANESHA you, who were created by PARVATI from the dirt of her body are RAHU, You are both VIGHNAKARTA and VIGHNAHARTA. Since you are RAHU, your Head was cut off by SHIVA.

O Ganapati, you are RAHU, the Lord of Ganas, Bhutas and Pretas, you are also Known as GANAPATI or GANESHA.

You are the cause of OBSTACLE in all the system. This is the reason why, O RAHU you are prayed first to remove obstacles and problems from the system.
O Rahu, you block things, so you are the cause of diseases where any system is blocked. (Cholesterol blocking the blood vessels is RAHU blocking ).

O RAHU, I have found that you are the easiest planet to please. So help me in bringing out a very true and hitherto unknown picture of your's to the world.

I bow to you out of sheer reverence. Bless me in my endevour.


NOTE: These thoughts may differ to a Grater or lesser extent from what our shastras and purans say. 



Eventhough I have known Rahu intimately, it is so difficult to start writing on him as you do not know where to start.This is because Rahu's influence is everywhere.

So I start at the beginning. First Nakshtra Ashwini belongs to him. (Rahu-Ketu are one ), Rahu being a great lover of beauty , wants to be near Venus. So next star Bharani belongs to Venus. 
Rahu is the YONI MUKHA so he loves 4th house , Moon's house, very dearly. Thus 4th house is the Yoni Mukha, hence it is but natural that 5th house is connected to 4th. 5th house is the Garbha sthana.

Demon Rahu guarding the Garbha sthanam. Vishnu's dwara palakas are two Demons, Jaya Vijaya.

In fact Rahu who is Hairy and Black, guards over all the openings of our body. Every single small sweat pore is covered with hair,.Nose, ears, eyes, mouth, private parts are all guarded by Rahu. 

Who guards Kailasa? All Bhutas, Demons and other menifestations of Pretanatha RAHU. How far Brahma can go without Rahu? He is the creator. He created this world. But how?

Remember I had spoken of Krasna the Vishwa swaroopa? In the beginning there was nothing except TAMAS. This is the Yoga Nidra swaroopa of Vishnu. Out of that was born Brama. He has 4 Mukhas.. He created 4 vedas, he lords over 4 yogas. Mark number four here. That is Rahu's number.Brahma Knows all the Kaalas.

Rahu is Time or Kaala. Apart from Beginning,Rahu also signifies End.
Let us examine Numerology for Rahu.

Letters M, D and T stand for Rahu with value 4. Rahu has 4 letters in his name. Ketu has 4 letters in his name.

Rahu lords over MADA, MOHA MATSARA MADIRA , Mamsa. all starting with letter M. Rahu rules Liquor, Anger, Lust, Flesh and Ego. M also stands for Maya, Rahu is Mayavi. M stands for Mastaka (Head). Rahu is Head. That is why you have maximum hair over head. M stands for Mrityu. The end. Maithuna (Sacred act of reproduction) is under Rahu's domain. Mesha Rasi is M the beginning.

D stand for Death. Demons, Daityas D Company , Danger, Downfall , Drowning in anything, Dryness of throat (Thirst) or Thirst for anything which can never be quenched is ruled by Rahu. Durbhagya (Bad Luck) is Rahu for you.

T also stands for Time. Rahu lords over Kaala. T stands for Terror, so Terrorists are governed by Rahu. T means Truth. Truth is always naked. It hurts. But like Rahu, it wins ultimately. Satyam Eva Jayate.

Japanese people who call their nation as Land of the Rising Sun, dread number 4. They associate this number with death, bad luck etc. Number 13, which is 4, is a dreaded number.

Coming back to GANAPATHI or GANESHA the obstacle creator and remover par excellence who according to me is RAHU, has large ears, Large nose, large teeth, large head and has large stomach (Lambodara) and naturally huge appetite.I have written that Rahu rules all perceptions and perceptive powers. And organs of Perceptions. Maximum perception of anything takes place thro eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Ganesha has the Elephant's head signifying acute sensory perceptions.

Rahu loves 4th house which I call as Yoni Dwara. If Rahu is Ganapathy, then he is always in the company of Siddhi and Buddhhi. Mark, 3rd house the house of valour in a horoscope signifying SIDDHI and the 5th house the house of Intellect or Buddhhi signifying second consort Buddhhi. 

Ganesha/Rahu is always put in Gate or main door of the house. This is to ward off evil spirits.
Main door to a house is where Rahu stays. Infact all doors are Rahu's domain.

Let me examine taste. Rahu does not distinguish between this or that taste. He has all the hunger in the world to engulf anything. And yet he appreciates all finer tastes. Seems paradoxical but its true. This happens in the company or benign influence of Venus.