Know Me Well......Because I am Pi....(Both Rahu and Ketu)



"You need to know how beautiful (Rahu/Ketu) I am." So tells Rahu to me. I bring to you what Rahu in whole form is all about.

Among the presidents, I am George washington, Thomas Jefferson, JamesMedison, CalvinCoolidge, RutherfordB.Hayes, Vladimir Putin, De Gaulle, Anwar Saddat, Corazo Aquino. 

Among Prime Ministers, I am Margaret Thatcher

Among painters, I am Pablo Picasso and Renoire

Among Blind perceptors, I am Loise Braille creator of Braille Language.

Among musicians, I am Vivaldi, Yehudi Menuhin,Richard Wagner,Joseph Haydn George Harrison, Ringo Starr,Louis Armstrong The Jazz King, Pt.Ravi Shankar,Peter Tchaikovsky

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Among vice presidents, I am Al gore

Among Magicians, I am David Blain, David Copper field

Among the explorers, I am Ronald  Amundson "South Pole finder" 

Among comedians , I am Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Jerry Lewis

Among the Pilot, I am wilbur wright, Charles Lindbergh.

Among Communists, I am Vladimir Lenin , Fidel Castro

Among actors, I am Jack Nicholson, Gary Cooper, Sir Laurence, Charlton Heston, Sir Laurence 
Olivier, Clint Eastwood, Billy Wilder, Harrison Ford, James Coburn, Humphrey Bogart, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins, Nicolas Cage, Peter Ustinov, Al Pacino,Sean Connery Bond. Pierce Brosnan "Bond" Henry Fonda, Dean Martin

Among Poets, I am Percy B.Shelley, Keats, Rober Browning, Y.B Yeats

Among Actresses, I am Audry Hepburn, Eva Peron, Gina Lollobrigida, Eva Marie Saint, Gloria
Stuart, Madonna, Linda Blair, Brook Shields Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep

Among singers, I am Stieve wander, Donna Summers, Elton John, JanetJackson

Among Models, I am Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer 

Among the writers, I am Sir Arthur Connan Doyle, the author of "The sign of Four",Charles Dickens, "Harry Potter" J.K Rawling, Anne Rice, the Vampire Woman, Oscarm Wilde, R.L Stevenson, Arthur C. cleark, Robert Ludlum

Among the fashion designers, I am Pierre Cardin

Among Puzzels, I am Rubik's Cube "Erno Rubik"

Among famous Non Communist, I am Chiang Kai Shek

Among christians, I am Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Among the spies, I am Mata Hari

Among the Film producers of Murder and Gore, I am Alfred Hitchcock

Among Teachers, I am Maria Montessory

Among the Car Man, I am Henry Ford

Among the queens, I am Elizabeth I of England. and Queen Mother of England.

Among scientists, I am Niels Bohr, Sir Issac Newton,

Among man of words, I am Webster

Among the First Lady, Pat Nixon , Laura Bush

Among Tennis stars, I am Billie Jean King and Michel Chang, Ivan Landle, 

Anna Kournikova

Among Hotel man, I am Conrad Hilton

Among Boxers, I am Floyd Patterson

Among Crocodile hunter, I am Steve Irvin

Among Mime masters I am Marcel Marceau.

Among the biggest saver of lives, I am, Raoul Wallenberg who helped save 100,000 Hungarian Jews from Nazis.

Among Killer of Democracy , I am Deng Xiaoping Butcher of Tian man square

Among planets, I am Dragon Head

Among numbers I am 4 and 7

Among mathematical formulaes , I am Pi 22/7

And Finally...........

Among master of amazement, I am Robert Ripley "Believe It Or Not."