ASTROLOGY AND MODERN SCIENCE....The Final Proof . Do we need more??



Today, I am presenting an Epoch Making proof of Astrology being Scientific. At no point , have I ever seen astrologers going back to basics of Modern science to Prove scientific basis of Astrology.

I am posting it as under. Does any one need more proof??

Before I go on to plot the truth about 4 being the PLAYGROUND of the process of creation,
Let me give you a news. Humans have 22 chromosomes plus one X and one Y chromosome to determine the sex. Chromosome 22 was the first human chromosome to be sequenced and understood.

I am giving below the paper I wrote on scientific basis of astrology at the age of 23.
(Today I am running 55) I had given the heading as, "IS ASTROLOGY AN ENIGMA?"
(This article is still with me in yellowed pages of handmade notebook which is available with me)

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There are more questions to Astrology than answers. Most of the times scientists have ridiculed Astrology as a humbug and dismissed it as a pseudo science. Being a science student with astrology as my field of interest, I set about proving that ancient minds were highly advanced than what we think. As is the usual habit of mine, I started with the most basic concept.
The base I started with was from the classification of elements "PERIODIC TABLE".

A simple periodic table has eight groups and the zero group of Inert gases.
Vertical rows are called groups and horizontal rows are called periods.

Group numbers indicate number of electrons in its outermost shell.
It is these electrons which enter into chemical bond called Valency.

Coming back to Astrology, I took up the planetary position of Sun and its planets one by one in order of its distance from Sun. And gave lordship on this basis.

Thus 1st group lord is Sun
2nd group lord is Mercury
3rd group leader is Venus
4th group leader is Earth and Rahu
5th group leader is Mars
6th group leader is Jupiter
7th A group leader is Rahu and Moon
7B and 8A,8B group leader is Saturn
ZERO (9th) group belongs to Ketu

Since Vedic astrology has ascribed only Nine planets, 8th group is under Saturn.
When an atom has all the electrons in outer most shell numbering 2,8,18 etc, it becomes intert. Hence it is a MOKSHA condition. Hence I have given ownership of zero group to Ketu

Before you read the following , please log on to the following link and examine the PERIODIC TABLE of elements to understand the findings.
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Vedic astrology has ascribed Sun as one. He is Atman He has been given number 1 in numerology. He rules over Copper. Some have given ruler ship of Gold and Silver to Sun.

Element number of Hydrogen is 1, it has one electron in its outermost shell. With Oxygen it forms H2O, water which is basis of life. Mark Atma 1 and Jeeva 3 giving water. You will find Copper, Silver and Gold under first group of elements.


Astrology says, Mercury is very fast moving planet, he is Messanger, he is the Transporter, his stone is Emerald GREEN, He rules over element MERCURY. He rules over intellect and brain power.
In periodic table, you will find element MERCURY. You will also find light metals like Magnesium, Zinc. Metal zinc is of utmost importance in proper functioning of brain. Proper zinc supply to the brain is necessary for improvement and maintenance of learning ability.
Although more people likely would associate the word "metal" with rock music than with the brain,
scientists know that the brain needs zinc and other metals to function properly. Even though the role of metals within proteins is well understood, the question of why synapses -- the cellular devices that convey information from one nerve cell to the next -- contain high concentrations of zinc remains a mystery. (Net)

Radium emits green colour in darkness.


Venus rules over Beauty, cosmetics, cleanliness, precious stones etc. All precious stones contain Aluminum and some Boron. Salts of Aluminum and Boron are used in Dyeing and bleaching .
Without Aluminum and Boron, Pottery and ceramics will be without beauty.


Since Vedic astrology is Geocentric, Instead of Earth, Rahu is the lord of 4th group.
In Vedic astrology, Rahu is Black, ruler of metal Lead. In numerology he is given number 4.
He is the lord of 4th group. You will find Carbon as the prime element of this group. You will find Lead (Pb) in this group. Carbon has 4 electrons in its outermost shell. The valancy of this group is 4. But it is the only group where element Carbon forms many covalent compounds.
Only carbon can form about about ten million compounds. Without Carbon, life would be impossible anywhere in universe. Carbon is the only element that can form compounds with Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen. Methane (CH4) is believed to be pre cursor of life anywhere in Universe. Comets that are believed to bring life to planets are Methane rich

Only carbon can form both INORGANIC and ORGANIC compounds. Thus RAHU FELICITATES LIFE.

Mark the position of 4th group. It is exactly in center of the periodic Table. Proves MADHYAMA or Medium without which life is impossible. So why Life originated only on Earth?

Only earth can provide a Neutral condition to highly electro positive and electro negative elements like Hydrogen and Chlorine etc to form compounds.

It provides right condition to Hydrogen and Oxygen to form water.


Earth gave Pancha Mahabhuta contained in it, a condition to form life. Sun gave Atma (Hydrogen), Jupiter gave Oxygen (Jeeva) Moon gave Chlorine and Sun gave Sodium to form common salt . Mercury gave Calcium to form bones. Mars gave Nitrogen and Phosphorous to give Vitality and strength
to the body. Thus first the sea was formed with sodium chloride in it. Silicon of 4th group and Carbon provided the neutral clay along with many elements in it. Sun and Jupiter gave Atma and Jeeva in form of water. Rahu the Maha kaal provided Carbon and GOD GAVE LIFE to us as a Gift.


We know that Mars is the war lord. He is a Potent Male. He has a strong body , he rules over muscles and Bones. He has red eyes. Rules over red colour. Bismuth is a Reddish metal. Phosphorous is reddish. Without phosphorous, bones would be useless. Nitrogen is the basis of Amino Acids and other r vital Amino compounds like Vitamins.
Thus he is undisputed lord of Vitality.
Arsenikom in Greek means POTENT or MALE.
You will find Arsenic in 5th group.
Outermost shell of Nitrogen and all the other elements has 3 electrons. Hence he is also known as Trikona and Power lies in A Triangle. This is why Kartik the commander of Deva's army (Mars) has Triangular Vel in his hand.


Jupiter means JEEVA, meaning LIFE. He is the savior of Life on earth. Oxygen means Life. No Oxygen means no life. You find oxygen in 6th group. In astrology, Guru's aspect removes all problems and prevents Balarishta (Infant Mortality).

Jupiter is Yellow in colour , he adores yellow clothes. His stone is Yellow sapphire. He resides in a ASTHAKONA HOUSE.

You will find Yellow Sulphur listed in this group. Outermost shell has 8 electrons. So he resides in ASHTKONA house. Chromium salts are yellow.


Moon is the karaka of Mind, Salt , Rasas etc. Moon has a close relationship with Rahu who is the
karaka of BLOOD. Blood contains Sodium chloride as a major chemical constituent. Moon also rules over water. This is the reason why during full moon and new moon time, there is a rush of blood in Head.
Moon is also termed as Amrita. Without salt, we cannot survive. Salt is the product of sea. Amruta came from sea after great churning. Rahu attacks all the planets and especially Moon and
Sun. Mark CHLORINE, FLUORINE BROMINE AND IODINE. These highly electro negative elements can attack and etch and reduce almost any element of the periodic table.


In Vedic Astrology, Saturn has been described as Black, Slave, Iron, Black things, slow moving, Slow in reacting, Tool, Tenacity, Carrier of orders,Yama doota, Having death in looks, Obstructer, Spear, Hunter etc.
Look at 7B and 8th group elements.
You will see Iron, Manganese metals both are black. All tools are made of Iron. Spears ,lances Bullets etc. are tools to kill .They are made of Iron. Since weapons are slaves in the hands of the killer, they by themselves cannot kill unless used by the killer. Hence all weapons must come under Saturn. Hence Saturn can be termed as Carrier Of Death. Yama's vehicle is Buffalo who is Saturn. Since he is a Slave, he as Hemoglobin in blood, carries Oxygen to all parts of the body. Especially Heart.

You would find Cobalt and Nickel which are two elements which can absorb Hydrogen in its element form hundred times in weight. Hydrogen is Atma, that is why Saturn is termed as Killer.


All inert gases like Helium, Neon, Xenon Radon etc are found in this group. Ketu lords over this group. All the Vrittis , when subsided, lead to peace and Moksha. As all the outermost shells of these elements have satisfied orbits , the electrons are not available to react. Hence they are inert elements. They light up infancy colours only when energy in form of electricity passes through. It is the form I call as SHAVA. Meaning Dead Body. Without Shakti it is Shava. Once Shakti passes thro' it, It becomes SHIVA.

Thus ends my explanation of Scientific Basis for Astrology.

I would welcome readers inputs and suggestions.