Why Vastu ?


Just as it is important for plants to have a proper environment to grow, to bear good flowers and fruits., So do we humans. 
We need right type of place and environment to be happy & healthy, and lead a peaceful life without mishaps and accidents and other major tragedies. If the house you live in or the office you work in or the shop you trade from is not planned according to the tenets of Vaastu shastra,the people who live in them or work there, suffer untold miseries, and are never happy.

Tragedies befall them and all the wealth is lost in due course.
For majority of the diseases, there are Drugs . 
Similarly, for such wrongly constructed places, there are antidotes and corrections provided in shastras.
A combination of Vaastu and Feng-Shui has been used by me successfully to overcome Vastu problems .
In all the cases, the result has been very satisfying

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People have had their marriages conducted after corrections, traders have registered increase in sales, peace and prospirity has returned to homes and so on.
Such satisfied customers are spread in US, and India.
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