Greatness of Shree Chakra worship with Sphatika Meru 


O mother, My Divine Mother

There is no greater God than Mother. 

There is no better Amrita than Mother's milk. 

There is no better place to sit than Mother's lap. 

There is no better protection than Mother's

There is no greater power than Mother's power. 

There is no greater blessings than Mother's blessings. 

There is no Greater misfortune than fall from Mother's grace. 

There are times when problems and misfortune simply refuses to leave you.  No amount of doing shanti Homas, poojas seem to bear fruits.  There is no advancement in any sphere, all efforts become fruitless labour.  Loved ones are separated, homes become battle grounds.  Courts and Lawyers become powers to decide about your life.  Medicines become your life line.  Doctors become demy Gods.  You flounder in this life's ocean like a rudderless sail less ship. 

This is when the supreme power of Mother comes to any one's rescue. 

When you cry in helplessness, Mother will listen and understand you. 

Just as a mother cow identifies her own calf out of thousands running around crying, she will know your cry of helplessness and rescue you. 

What you need to do is to go to her lotus feet and seek refuge. 

Mother will never disappoint you.  She has never disappointed any one so far. 

As the age of Aquarius advances, there is a lot of misery and suffering among people. 

So during the age of Kumbha, Lalita Parameshwari is the only source of solace . 

Supreme mother when invited to reside in your house in the form of Shree Yantra and Sri Meru made of Pure Sphatika (Crystal), she would transform the surroundings and remove unfortunate and bad vibrations. Trades have reported increase in profits, Students have increased their knowledge, Very ill patients have registered remarkable improvement in their health, Peace and Harmony have returned to Homes. Trees and plants have grown healthier in presence of Sri Meru. 

Effects of bad planetary periods have lessened considerably, Sani chara effects have become beneficial.  Lost Love returns. 

There have been a lot of such beautiful feedback reported by people from all over the world. 

Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari is the greatest power on earth. 

She resides in Shree Yantra. 

She resides in Meru Yantra. 

She has all her powers invested in Shodashkshari Mantra. 

She has all her powers invested in Sri Lalita Sahastra Nama. 

There is no greater Yantra than Shri Yantra. 

Shree Yantra wards of ills, the misfortunes, clears problems, brings peace and Harmony. 

Shri Yantra removes bad Vaastu effects. 

Shree Yantra expels bad spirits. 

Shree Yantra enriches, evolves and empowers you. 

Over the past few years, I have come in contact with thousands of people who are suffering in spite of being wealthy.  They are unhappy in spite of having best opportunities available to them.  They are unhappy despite having children, beautiful wife or good husbands, Palatial houses, Army of Servants. This is because of dis-harmony. 

God, resides only in harmony and symmetry. Make your life harmoneous.


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