Why Numerology ?


Neumerology or ANKA SHAASHTRA is a science which clearly demonstrates the power of Mantra.

Each letter has a specific Mathematical value.

When the letters of Alphabet are used judiciously , the effect of a name which is set up properly is remarkable.

One example is my own.

As long as I signed as H.J. Trivedi, I was a nobody.

I led an unknown life.

After changing my name as HKR.Trivedi, within one year, my whole life changed. I opened two businesses, I traveled throughout the world and have led a very well known contended life till now.

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Over the years, I have been helping people with properly set up names .The businesses have improved and people have been benefited greatly.

I generally advice people to have properly set up business names, and their own names .I strongly recommend that newborns should have properly set up names , so that they have lesser problems in future .