Why Mantras ?


The world was created from AUM .The Shabda Brahman.
Sound has magical properties.
It carries cause,
It carries effect
It carries meaning.
A word can construct or destroy.
All words are powerful instruments in the hands of people who understand their power.

Such people are Gurus, Mantra Shastris and really the Blessed people.

A Mantra Shastri should be a pious non materialistic and simple living person, who never uses his Mantra for self gratification of creating personal wealth.

He should never practice the UCHHISTA MANTRAS or the Black Magic Mantras. 

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He should use his gift for the benefit of people .
He should use his powers only to help others .
Every one can benefit from Mantras chanted in proper way .
Most of the ill effects of planetary dasas (periods), ill placements and bad transits of planets can be minimised by Mantras given in good faith and chanted with devotion.