Why Astrology ?


If you are generally happy with no major problems in life, YOU SHOULD NOT CONSULT an astrologer.

I write this because people develop a habit of consulting any number of astrologers for small things and generally are confused.

This is really bad. Just as you approach a doctor or a lawyer only when needed badly.

you should consult a good astrologer only when your problems have no logical reason and you have no solution in sight.

But how to judge an Astrologer?

A good astrologer must be learned in different branches of predictive shastras. He should be free from any VICES. He should be never be proud of his predictive powers which are God's gift.

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Shanti Pooja

Lucky stones

Suggest Mantras


He should use his knowledge to help others who are in problems.

He should never use his knowledge to accumulate wealth.

He should be a  " simple living and high thinking person  ".

He should be blessed by his Guru, Aaraadhya Devata and elders.

He must have Yogas in his horoscope, 

which make him a Good astrologer who has VAK SIDDHHI