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My association with Astrology dates back to 1954 when as a barely 5 year old child ,  I was sent to stay with my Grand Father in a remote village in Kathiawar (Gujarat). Paddhari is a small village lying in between Princely states of Nawa Nagar (Jamnagar) and Rajkot.

There are numerous other small princely states all around.

Shastri Rewa Shankar Bechar Bhai Trivedi was probably the greatest astrologer and Samvedi Pandit Gujarat has ever produced.

He was such a well known astrologer that on weekends, cars used to line up in our village. At least  50-60  people used to wait at any given point of time on weekends for their turn, to know their future or solve problems etc.


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I was the Manfriday of my Grandfather.

My job was to sit with him, search for Panchangams, and write (in later days) what my Grandfather dictated.

Thus, before I knew, I became very familiar with Yogas, planetary periods, their effects, Mantras etc.

He was , it is said, able to change the fate of people.

I owe my very existence in the vast field of Astrology , to him.

After coming back to Madras at the age of 14, I used to go back to my village.    On one such visit, he told me that It was time, I learnt astrology in proper manner.

He gave me first official lessons in Astrology at the age of 16 or 17, and taught me some of his predictive techniques which have stood test of time and have helped me a great deal.

I became so much interested in Astrology , that by the end of my graduation in 1971, I had a formidable collection of Astrological books, Magazines etc in four languages.

Even during my final exams of B.Sc., I used to read astrology books rather than touch Organic or Physical chemistry.

I was fortunate enough to have my Periappa, Sri Ganpatram Trivedi who in his own right was a very good astrologer. He had a vast collection of Books which he brought from Rajahmundry in 1968 and he taught me new techniques in predictive astrology.

I was highly impressed by South Indian astrological techniques as told in Saptarshi Nadi and other similar ancient works.

While I was consulting a Nadi, the Nadi said that I had to get Vaksiddhhi by getting blessings of a Guru.

All along, I did not have a Guru. So I was in search of a pious Astrologer for two to three years .One day, my boss , who was an ardent follower of Astrology, told me that he had met a fantastic astrologer (In Madras). He was P.Venkat Shastri.He lived in Ashok Nagar.

Very next day, I purchased a Dhoti, anga vastram, a saree for Guru patni, fruits and flowers and went to his house.

He was puzzled a bit when I placed all the offerings with guru dakshina at his feet with my horoscope.

I told him that I was in search of a Guru.And if he found me an appropriate and worthy person after he checked my horoscope, I requested him to take me as his Shishya.He checked my horoscope and informed me that he had no hesitation in accepting me as his Shishya.

He asked me some questions and asked me to analyze a clients horoscope.I did as he had told me.

After the client had gone, he was almost in tears .He said that he had nothing to teach me but I was welcome to sit with him on weekends.he blessed me with his heart and his blessings lifted me to heights in predictive astrology.

For over an year , I would go to his house every weekend and he would ask me to tell the future of each client who visited him.

One day, he asked me a question  "When will I die?"

He was very serious.

I saw his horoscope and cast a prasna  too.

I told him that since you are running the dasa of 3rd lord and the antardasa of a Maraka is coming  November or December or so, he would die .

If I remember rightly, the year was 1973 .

He shifted to Gudur immediately and died peacefully at the predicted time.Similar question was asked by my father for the longevity of my grandfather.I gave him the exact date .He died accordingly as predicted.

Since that time, I have stopped predicting longevity for anyone.

Astrology became my foremost companion since then. People from all walks of life have been consulting me. since than.

I attribute all my predictive success to my Guru,     Lalitambika (my Aaraadhya Devi ) and blessings of Satisfied people.

I had my interests in Numerology and Palmistry too. I use Numerology to a great extent in name corrections and giving names for New companies .I have a very rare sign of swastika on the mount of Jupiter with extremely strong Line of Intuition.

I have a Headline which is going all the way to mount of Moon giving me a fertile imagination and a very strong Moon. My horoscope is having Moon in Ashlesha and there are combinations present which have blessed me to become an astrologer. My horoscope is depicted in the Home page for all of you to judge.

It is not that I have never had wrong predictions. Some times due to error in judgment, predictions do go wrong but this is the fault of an astrologer and not the science.

I welcome all of you to my site and interact with me .I would feel honoured.